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Welcome to 'I Love Lloret' a NEW Lloret de mar blog where we plan to explore everything about Lloret, the weather, the town, the people, the bars and clubs..everything of interest any questions or suggestions? I love Lloret, do you? please contact Maggie Vinall: cheerslloret@googlemail.com

Sunday 6 October 2013

Welcome to I love Lloret de Mar

    A NEW blog all about Lloret de mar 'I Love Lloret' do you??
 If you have any questions or suggestions please join in, also I've stayed in several Lloret hotels and apartments and intend to write honest, informative reviews, can you? contact: cheerslloret@googlemail.com

Thursday 6 June 2013

I Love Lloret de mar, good food

I Love Lloret de mar good food is a new facebook page with daily details of several menu del dia offers plus pizza, burgers, food pics, restaurant websites and snack bars.

Wednesday 5 June 2013

I Love Lloret de mar, F1 weekend

I Love Lloret F1 weekend coincides with the Barcelona grand prix, the town arranges several special events, night shopping, music and dancing and several restaurants have F1 menus.
The Plaza Torrent turns into a mini F1 village with rides and attractions for all ages..its a good fun time.

Lloret de mar formula one weekend

Friday 19 April 2013

I Love Lloret de mar, Costa Brava Rally

I Love Lloret de mar has recently hosted the classic Costa Brava Rally,

I Love Lloret de mar 'Enjoy and Respect'

I Love Lloret de mar, the 'Enjoy and Respect' campaign was started in 2012 after troubles (mainly associated with alcohol) in August 2011. The  new rules are mainly common sense and good manners but there are some hefty fines for offenders, please take the time to have a look:

Sunday 31 March 2013

I Love Lloret de mar..Storms March 2013

Lloret de mar was lashed by storms in 2013, have a look at this YouTube film, very different than the hot sunny days we are use to!.

Saturday 9 February 2013

I Love Lloret de mar, Carnival 2013

I love Lloret de mar... Carnival is the biggest lloret fiesta of the year festivities start with the arrival of the carnival king on the friday evening with the whole town joining in the activities and parades.
Most of the bars & clubs have their own themed parties, this really is a giant celebration..dont miss it!!.
Thank you for the excellent photo's below taken by Mediterranean Sand hotel, situated at the castle end of Lloret de mar by Sa Caleta beach..very pretty place

Wednesday 6 February 2013

I Love Lloret de mar, "Casa de gatos"

I Love Lloret de mar, Cats museum is a private collection of paintings, pictures, figures of cats and much more. The Casa de gatos was originally opened in 2002 and occupies a three story building very close to Lloret beach.
Museo de los gatos is located at C/San Albert 10, Lloret de mar
Opening hours: 10.00 - 13.30 & 17.00 - 20.00 closed on Sundays.
There is a 3 euro entry fee (children under 5 years free)

Saturday 2 February 2013

I Love Lloret de mar, bars guide QR

I Love Lloret de mar, bars, pubs, restaurants & excursions, scan the bars guide QR code to your iPhone and take us on holiday with you, lots of interesting stuff about Lloret de mar.

Sunday 27 January 2013

I Love Lloret de mar, Gegants de Lloret

I Love Lloret de mar, Gegants de Lloret, the Lloret giants are impressive figures that join in all the major lloret fiestas. The main characters are Miss Ling and Es Nais, look out for them..very difficult to miss!

Saturday 19 January 2013

I Love Lloret de mar Biblioteca

I Love Lloret de mar Biblioteca...the municipal library, a futuristic new building in the centre of Lloret.
Opened in 2011 the biblioteca offers a calm and peaceful area in the heart of Llorets clubland.

Every morning they print off foreign language newspapers for anyone to read, holidaymakers of all nationalities are welcomed, as well as the obvious selection of Spanish and Catalan books there are computers for public use (register your passport at the desk) and FREE wifi throughout the building to use your own laptop.
The building is fully air conditioned and has a small cafeteria with a balcony for smokers.
 Part of the main building is dedicated to Llorets older generation with a large outdoor terrace, a cafeteria with a full bar at low low prices! an upstairs room with a large seating area and an outdoor balcony where you can watch the world go by..Its a vibrant, fun place and if you are 50+ have a seat, a cheap drink and enjoy!!!

Saturday 5 January 2013

I Love Lloret de mar Christmas: three kings

I Love Lloret de mar the Christmas three kings festival is still the main Xmas party for the vast majority of Spain, when the three kings (wise men) arrive on the 5th January in towns and cities all over the country.
The wise men Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar hand out sweets to children and there is a real party atmosphere as they parade through Lloret.
That evening, children leave milk and biscuits for the wise men and water for their camels next to the Christmas tree. They also leave out their best shoes in the hope they will be full of presents when they awake on the 6th January...wonderful traditions!.

Wednesday 2 January 2013

I Love Lloret de mar Sant Romá church

Sant Romá Church is a magnificent building in the heart of old lloret
It was built as a refuge from Algerian and Turkish pirates attacks and was finished in 1522, the church had a major restoration in the early 20th century and now features Byzantine, Moorish, modernist and renaissance architecture.
Sant Romá is a quiet, calm space in bustling Lloret..very beautiful!

Saturday 15 December 2012

I Love Lloret de mar Christmas Caga tió

I Love Lloret de mar especially over the Christmas holidays

El Caga tió the Catalan Christmas log:

A hollowed out log complete with bark the wood has stick legs, a happy painted face and usually a local barretina hat,  from the feast of the Immaculate Conception (8th December) until christmas eve or christmas day (depending on the family) the Caga tió is fed and kept warm.
Then comes the big day.. the log is beaten with a stick until it 'poops' out small gifts usually of fruit and nuts.

Thursday 22 November 2012

I Love Lloret de mar Sant Romá

I LOVE LLORET SAN ROMÁ.. Lloret de mars main winter fiesta to celebrate the feast day of Saint Romanus on November 18th has actually grown into vitually a month of parties and events, with dancing, fairs, concerts, childrens games and a whole host of fun activies:

Wednesday 7 November 2012

I Love Lloret de mar, Medieval fair

I LOVE LLORET MEDIEVAL FAIR..A fantastic yearly event where the streets of Lloret become 'Medieval'
Ladies, knights and jugglers all add to the party atmosphere, there are stalls selling food and handmade products, a musical parade and falconry displays, the children will love the puppeteers and tiny ponies, a wonderful weekend of activities in lloret de mar.
Have a look at the 'Fira medieval' youtube video

Saturday 27 October 2012

I Love Lloret de mar La Castanyada

I LOVE LLORET LA CASTANYADA..In Catalonia all saints day and the evening before are known as the Castanyada meaning the day of the chestnut.
Historically La Castanyada was to honour saints and dead ancestors, when whole villages kept vigil all night with the church bells ringing throughout the night.
The villagers would eat 'Castanyes' roast chestnuts, 'moniatos' roast sweet potatoes and 'panallets' small almond balls covered in pine nuts these high energy foods along with copious amounts of Mucsat in porrons were served to stop people from passing out with exhaustion from the lack of sleep and the effort of ringing the heavy church bells.
All saints day is also the day that the Spanish visit cemeteries taking flowers and sprinkling holy water on loved ones graves, the chrysanthemum is the traditional flower of remembrance.
There is also a special All saints cake 'ossos de sant' which is white and bone shaped.
treat yourself to some roast chestnuts

Tuesday 9 October 2012

I Love Lloret de mar market

I LOVE LLORET MARKET..Tuesday is Lloret de mar market day 100s of stalls set up close to the Hotel Olympic every week. Theres a wide variety of goods on offer including shoes, handbags, all sorts of T shirts and clothes, toys and souvenirs, at the far end of the market there are fruit/veg stalls selling a magnificent array of goods.
Lloret market is a fun way to pass a couple of hours and maybe pick up a bargain!.

I Love Lloret de mar Market Municipal

I LOVE LLORET MARKET MUNICIPAL..The market municipal is a weekday indoor market selling the freshest local produce available, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and flowers plus household goods and wines..if you are on holiday pop in and have a look, its an experience.
Check out the Mercat municipal YouTube video below.